Frequently Asked Questions About OFF

Did you guys rip off Shephard Fairey? Basically, the design of this album is an ironic parody of Shephard Fairey’s OBEY line.  It is pretty well known that his work intentionally blurs the lines of fair use with regard to graphic art.  So when people comment that the design is a rip OFF,  that is exactly correct.  That’s the point. – If it’s OK for Shepherd Fairey to copy and paste art works as his own, then Brad Loans would like to return the favor in true Sundresses’ fashion.

What’s wrong with my album jacket and poster printing? That’s intentional too.  First of all, most parts of OFF are handmade and unique.  Originally we were going to use stencils to push the connection to street art further, but the test-prints were too rough and didn’t scale properly.  Still, we wanted to preserve that stenciled look/feel, and make each copy a little different, and so we have.  Oh, and by the way: the faux vinyl jackets were silk-screened by the band themselves!

Why doesn’t the vinyl have anything from The Sundresses? Mostly because we care about the sound quality of our music, but we’re tired of hearing about “vinyl resurgence” (it’s run it’s course – it’s been nearly 20 years since anyone manufactured a new lathe or record press, so capacity will never grow but at the same time, unit-price cannot stop growing as presses fail and die).  Still, a lot of indie bands are doing vinyl because it’s cool and can’t be downloaded.  So we’re giving away the vinyl and selling the best-quality music we can deliver.

Why do I need to register for OFF? Well, you don’t if you’re happy with the 14 songs and package you bought.  But if you register as an OFF member (OFFer) you’ll get a lot of free stuff pertaining to The Sundresses live show for years to come.  More music, videos, contests, tickets, and a direct line to the band.  Up to you.

I can’t find my codes!! HELP!!! Most OFF codes can be found inside the booklet, at the bottom of the page.  If you bought a Faux Vinyl version, your codes are on the vinyl record’s label.  If you downloaded OFF from The Sundresses Online store, your codes are in the PDF file called “Register OFF.pdf” which downloaded with your music.

Do the words in my Faux Vinyl code mean anything or are they just a random code? Who knows? Why don’t you try to play the record and see? 😉

wtf is a “living album”? Like any living thing, a “living album” is first and foremost unique.  Each physical copy is a little different from all other copies, to varying degrees; At very least you have a unique personal code, but the more bigger packages feature hand-screened posters, bandmade album jackets, plus every user can select which extras they want from OFF.THESUNDRESSES.COM.  Living things grow and mature, and OFF is no different.  Each short-run edition will showcase new artwork, posters and features.  For example an iTunes LP version will launch shortly after release, integrating many of the website features.   Living beings respond to external stimuli.  OFF is highly connected not just to the band, but via social networks.  What fans download and listen to online will determine what new content stays or goes. Every few months we’ll take down old extras and add new stuff, based on what you like.  OFF grows, changes and adapts, based on events in it’s life.

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